Reducing B2B Aquisition
Costs by 72%
for an Expanding
Healthcare Company

Thinking outside the box with Facebook to create efficient spending at scale.

The healthcare organization Curative does critical, innovative work, building infrastructure for essential health services across the United States. Primarily through testing, they improve access, affordability, and education on healthy living for tens of millions of individuals.

After offering services directly to consumers, Curative wanted to expand their efforts and launch B2B marketing to secure high-volume contracts with schools, nursing homes, local governments, and organizations in other industries.

DeltaSift took on this challenge, navigating strict advertising guidelines, competing with established industry giants, and effectively targeting the narrow qualified audience.

Thinking outside the box with Facebook to create efficient spending at scale.

Through our industry experience, partnership with Facebook, and proprietary creative process, we surpassed expectations from project launch:

Reduced acquisition cost by 72%

Increased ad throughput by 191%

Scaled budgets up
month-over-month by 22%

Our Strategy

Our goal was to create a high-quality, frictionless experience for potential aquisitions. At the core of this was the challenge of finding the right audiences for a specialized B2B service in various industries.

Our first focus was to identify and define the target industries, which included: hospitality, offices, school, nursing homes, and local governments.

The wide array of industries meant we needed to craft specific strategies for each to identify the following:

  • Who to Target  – Who are the decision makers & decision influencers in target industries?
  • How to Target  – What is the relevant messaging we use in ads? What platforms do we use?
  • How to Close   – What should the look and function of the landing page be to create a simple, impactful way to book a call?

After initial research we completed an in-depth channel audit. Based on our key findings, we advised Curative that Facebook was the best channel to achieve their goals due to the audiences we needed to reach and the detailed content of ads.

Overcoming Challenges on Facebook

While Facebook had the best potential, it also posed the greatest challenges. A decision was made by Facebook during the pandemic to heavily regulate advertising around different health topics, including the services offered by Curative.

Due to this policy, Curative had previous challenges with their D2C marketing as Facebook often blocked content and would not allow them to advertise.

To overcome this issue, DeltaSift leveraged our relationship with Facebook and stayed in close contact with Facebook representatives, working through any potential issues and creating a fast pipeline for ad approvals that can otherwise take days for sensitive, healthcare-related topics.

While many other healthcare companies were restricted from advertising during the pandemic, Curative was able to build a presence and compete with industry leaders.

Executing the Strategy

In partnership with Curative, we were able to execute a robust, metric-driven strategy which included:


Target high-intent decision makers with custom Facebook audiences


Maintain efficient spend through continuous testing and optimization


Stay in close contact with Facebook representatives to speed up ad approvals


Customize messaging to each industry and communicate valuable service features


Create simple, impactful landing pages to close out users


Empower Curative to re-invest in advertising by scaling up budgets

We used the client’s branded content to create and implement Facebook-specific creatives that were a strong market fit and had messaging relevance for the target audiences. This allowed us to maintain high CTR and low CPCs across campaigns.

Leveraging aggregate data from across the web, we found and built a series of custom audiences, targeting specific potential users in various parts of the funnel: cold, warm, hot.

Once a user came from an ad to a landing page, we segmented them into hot and warm campaigns to retarget those who didn’t sign up on first visit. For users that did sign up, we continued to prime the audience for their follow-up sales call with social proof and more info on Curative’s brand.

Results for Our Client

High quality leads at scale.


business partners
added for client


growth in revenue


reduction in cost per lead

Curative’s partnership with DeltaSift produced expert B2B strategies and execution at a high volume, reducing costs by 72% per lead within 1 month of service launch. We worked closely with Curative to make sure leads were qualified and a good potential partnership with the client.

With more capital efficient spending, we were then able to scale campaigns by 22% month over month, allowing Curative to re-invest earnings into greater growth.

Finally, we are proud to have helped Curative compete with industry leaders like Walgreens and establish themselves in the B2B healthcare ecosystem as they expanded their important work in making health services more accessible to all.