How We Beat the Fintech Industry Standard by 192% to Get Carbon Zero Acquired

rapid go-to-market strategy, white glove service, and previous fintech experience creates a clear path to acquisition.

Carbon Zero is a fintech company on a mission, offering climate-positive credit cards which offset carbon usage with every purchase by its users.

Carbon Zero approached DeltaSift in early 2021 with a big task: launching their marketing efforts from the ground up with the potential to be acquired after proving their value in the market.

DeltaSift was up to the challenge and more, crafting multi-faceted strategies, navigating strict Facebook guidelines, and leveraging out relationship with the world’s 5th largest bank.

DeltaSift Beat the Industry Average by 192%

“DeltaSift was instrumental in gaining the early traction we needed to validate market fit. With their expertise, we yielded a CPL of $3.25 while industry average was $160.”

Cathryn Peirce

Co-Founder & CEO
Carbon Zero

Our vital industry relationships, 0-30 day acceleration, and proprietary process produced undeniable results for Carbon Zero:

Cost per lead


through rate


Cost per lead


Our Strategy

Crafting a dual approach for a winning competitive edge.

Fintech can be a challenging space to market in, as services are complicated and users are reluctant to change banking habits. Because of this, we had to be efficient, impactful, and relatable in our content to win the interest of users. Additionally, Carbon Zero’s environmental mission is central to their identity, so we needed to unite audience motivators for both financial services and the environment.

We began with extensive market research to lay the groundwork for an expansive go-to-market launch campaign. Carbon Zero wanted to take on the industry with speed and impact, and we were right there with them.

Our analysis produced answers to audience objections:

  • Signing up for financial services is stressful and most people want to avoid it.

    You can sign up for Carbon Zero without changing your bank.

  • People want to help the environment, but are reluctant to make lifestyle changes.

    You can save the planet with your exact same spending habits.

After our research and analysis we were ready to launch campaigns and tap into a highly lucrative space that the company was operating in, at the intersection of two major industries undergoing significant disruption: payment processing and climate change action.

Navigating Challenging Regulations

Overcoming the hurdles that kill most companies.

As we launched initial campaigns, we immediately encountered a huge hurdle in fintech marketing: regulations. Platforms like Facebook have huge marketing potential, but also have strict guidelines for promoting financial services. Disrupting these guidelines can quickly kill marketing efforts.

Carbon Zero was initially completely unable to advertise on Facebook due to the platform’s blanket ban on advertisements related to climate change.

Thankfully, DeltaSift’s connections with Facebook and access to representatives allowed us to get Carbon Zero approved for ads and establish a relationship to avoid future issues.

In addition, we worked closely with Carbon Zero to understand the complex dynamics of financial compliance in ads and on our landing page to ensure there would be no regulatory issues.

This allowed us a speedy and accelerated launch during the critical first weeks and months, and uninhibited growth throughout our campaigns.

Executing the Strategy

Creating results with a positive brand presence.

Working closely with Carbon Zero, we launched our 0-30 day strategy and saw immediate growth. Our strategy included:


Competitor analysis in fintech and climate action, uniting primary motivators for each


Targeting high-potential audiences with custom Facebook audiences


Maintaining efficient spend while pushing for rapid growth at scale


Working closely with our Facebook representative to launch ads quickly


Creating concise, compelling creative to get conversions and introduce the brand


Building a persuasive, smooth landing page experience to convert users to leads

A vital focus of ours was optimizing our audience targeting to be laser-focused on groups with potential for interest in Carbon Zero’s environmental mission. This audience precision takes a great amount of fine-tuning to maximize results, which we were able to optimize within our 0-30 day launch.

This ability to find high intent audiences allowed us to maintain high CTRs and low CPCs across all campaigns.

Opening Industry Doors With PNC Bank

Sharing our network to uplift our partners.

In addition to these results, we were thrilled to help Carbon Zero form a strong relationship with the world’s 5th largest bank, PNC. Our previous work with PNC allowed us to connect them with Carbon Zero to generate additional opportunities.

DeltaSift is always happy to help clients make key connections and form long-term relationships across industries, the value of which extends far beyond any single marketing campaign.

Results for Our Client

With the help of DeltaSift’s market analysis and launch strategy, Carbon Zero was able to leverage market research, multiple ad platforms and creatives, campaign optimization, financial regulation support, and broader business connections.

By the end of our campaign we secured a $3.25 cost per lead which resulted in a huge amount of credit card sign ups for Carbon Zero.


cost per lead

Our highly cost-effective launch campaign established Carbon Zero as a fintech & environmental leader, in the minds of consumers and potential buyers alike.

After starting with Deltasift in December 2020, Carbon Zero was acquired by Freedom Holdings, Inc. on December 30th, 2021.