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Our clients love us

“DeltaSift beat the industry average by 98% and got us a CPL of $3.25 ”

DeltaSift was instrumental in gaining the early traction we needed to validate market fit. With their expertise, we yielded a CPL of $3.25 while industry average was $160.

Catheryne Pierce
CEO of Carbon Zero

“Their expertise has helped Tonebase grow its brand and overall business”

"DeltaSift helped us generate more subscription revenue, increase our ROAS by 3X, and decreased our CPL in the first 21-days."

Igor Lichtman
Co-Founder of Tonebase

“DeltaSift took us from 35 leads a month to 73 in just 3 months”

DS team deployed comprehensive funnel strategies that lead to 108% increase in our monthly qualified leads and helped us optimize our PPC and reduced CPA by 31%.

Kate C.
Marketing Influencer Group

“DS enabled us to increase our ROAS without additional headcount”

"I came to David to help scale my Facebook Ads before staffing my internal team. DeltaSift helped 4X my ROAS and created effective ads that engaged my target audience."

Erin Murray
Founder of NudeBarre

“Marketing strategy overhaul and roadmap with a PPC focus”

"DeltaSift’s team used our past data across all channels and overhauled our marketing strategy with a focus on PPC. Our campaigns are at all-time high with a 72% decrease in CPA and 150% increase in conversions."

B2B Cloud Service hosting

“We can count on DS to bring new ideas to the table consistently”

“David came to us with a tool box of original ideas that increase AOV by 15% across our major channels and turned around diminishing campaings to 4x ROAS.”

Vladimir Ermakov
CEO & Co-Founder of GlobeIN

A few of the companies we’ve helped grow...